New Nuclear Plant Would Be Loss-Making (The

Portál The cituje dňa 3.12.2013 Martina Vlachynského z INESS a publikáciu Atómová hrozba.

New Nuclear Plant Would Be Loss-Making (The

A new nuclear power plant in Slovakia would be loss-making provided that market prices of electricity stay at current low levels, according to the Slovak non-governmental Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS). If customers have to cover the operation of the new source, they would pay an additional EUR284m in total annually, the INESS said.

The cabinet of Prime Minister Robert Fico originally wanted to build a new nuclear source in Slovakia in cooperation with Czech power utility CEZ. In January this year, however, CEZ said its priority was the completion of two units of the Czech nuclear power plant of Temelin. CEZ could be replaced by Russian company Rosatom in the Slovak project. Rosatom, however, demands that Slovakia guarantee purchasing prices of electricity from the new source. Slovakia has not accepted this condition yet.

Providing guaranteed purchasing prices poses a significant risk for consumers. The construction of another giant source may lead to high surpluses of electricity in Slovakia at a time when neighbouring countries are in a similar situation. Under current market prices, this would lead to an increase in electricity prices comparable with that caused by the boom of renewable source, INESS analyst Martin Vlachynsky said.

Households would thus pay an additional EUR20 up to EUR160 for electricity annually, he added. Slovakia was not self-sufficient in electricity production last year as 1.4 percent of its consumption came from imports. The balance is to change markedly in the forthcoming years after two new units of the Mochovce nuclear power plant in southern Slovakia are completed.

According to the INESS’s calculations, electricity production in Slovakia would exceed domestic consumption by about 40 percent if another nuclear source was built. The new planned source with installed output of 2,400 MW is to be built near Jaslovske Bohunice, western Slovakia, where there are two reactors at present. The source is planned to by put into operation after 2025.

The project is roofed by Slovak nuclear energy company JESS, set up together with CEZ. JESS has already bought most of the land needed for the construction

The, 3.12.2013

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