Less red tape for entrepreneurs

Slovak spectator uverejnil článok o Byrokratickom indexe. 29. 09. 2020.

Less red tape for entrepreneurs

Bureaucratic index improved

The bureaucratic burden of a model entrepreneur in Slovakia, a micro-company with four employees involved in metalworking, accounted for 217 hours at the beginning of 2020. Compared with 2019, it was four hours less.

From the total burden, red tape linked with running a company accounted for 47 percent, followed by employment issues accounting for 39 percent, legislative changes at 5 percent and other reasons at 9 percent.

This stems from the Bureaucracy Index issued every year by the economic think tank INESS on the occasion of International Bureaucracy Day, falling on September 29.

Hotels will not need to count hangers in wardrobes any more. Slovakia’s Bureaucracy Index has improved

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