Economics at home

The coronavirus stopped the functioning of companies and offices, closed schools, but certainly did not stop all educational opportunities. At INESS, we have decided to compile some chapters from “the Economics in 31 hours” textbook for teachers of Economics and Civics. Each topic contains a number of basic explanations and concepts, a video and an online test. The final output from students should be in a form of an essay on the topic of a given chapter. We always publish the chapters on the web, the test is available to all registered teachers in this year's Economics Olympiad.

Economics at home

If you did not manage to participate in the Olympiad this year, you can register by clicking here. Subsequently, we will send you up-to-date information on a new economic topic and a password for an online test for your students every week during the period of the restrictions.

Topics offered in the "Economics at home" section in the coming weeks:

  1. The role of economics
  2. How the market works (part 1)
  3. How the market works (part 2)
  4. Personal Finance (Part 1)
  5. Personal Finance (Part 2)
  6. Entrepreneurship and competition
  7. Economics and state
  8. International Trade


The textbook “Economics in 31 Hours” is an internationally acclaimed textbook of Economics for high school students, which won the prestigious London book fair and the Templeton Freedom Award. This modern textbook offers a didactically and consistently processed basic curriculum necessary for the development of economic and entrepreneurial thinking of high school students and meets the content standards of SEP in the field of economic education.

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