Next Generation EU: Why We Should Be Concerned about the Recovery Plan

Governments around the world reacted to the pandemic situation in similar fashion. Costly economic stimulus packages popped out, undermining the role of decentralized reaction from the bottom and strengthening state’s role in economy. European Union introduced the EUR 750 billion worth Next Generation EU package. Next Generation EU and its crucial part, Recovery and Resilience Facility, promise to bring an era of growth and stability to the European Union and its 27 member states. Can this promise be fulfilled, and if so, at what cost?

New Book by INESS: Progress without Permission

If you are one of those fascinated by the Internet and its influence on the society, this is the book for you. Progress without Permission is a complete guide to the world where Airbnb rescues the dead capital and it competes with the state in the regulation making process, where Kickstarter replaces the tax collection and helps with financing the public services, and where Bitcoin enables building of a parallel society where there are no “chiefs” and we all have the keys to the kingdom.

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