INESS Evaluation of electoral programmes 2023: Public finances

In the run-up to the 2023 early parliamentary elections in Slovakia, we at INESS analysed the programmes of all relevant political parties (those with more than 3% of potential votes in public polls.) We evaluated the programmes in the 5 main areas: education, healthcare, business environment, agriculture and public finances. We bring you our evaluation of the most important area of all: public finances.

Slovakia's general government deficit as a percentage of GDP is expected to be the highest in the EU this year, and the EC forecasts this undesirable EU leadership for Slovakia next year as well. The state has to borrow every sixth euro of its own spending. Consolidating public finances will require uncomfortable and extensive measures on the expenditure side.

In such a situation, we are well aware that without consolidating public finances, it will not be possible to implement good solutions in other areas of public life. Therefore, with our assessment, we would also like to appeal to the next government to approach the issue of public deficit in a sensible and responsible manner.